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AKB Solutions Group

We enhance Senior Leaders capabilities utilizing combat proven Special Forces Adaptive Thinking and Leadership principles.

About Us

Why AKB Solutions Group

  AKB Solutions Group delivers an enhancement process uniquely developed by our team. AKB's team consists of highly experienced and professional former Special Forces and Special Operations Operators, Behavioral Science and Doctorate of Education professionals. We develop and deliver to you and your team a product designed and based on your organizations culture, attributes and competencies .   

Our People

  AKB Solutions Group is a group of professionals with backgrounds in Organizational and Behavioral psychology, research science, former Special Forces and Special Mission Unit officers and senior Non-commissioned officers, and professional educators. Most of our people have security clearances, international backgrounds and global cultural expertise.  

Our Founder...

...and president is a retired Army Special Forces Green Beret with over 30 years active military and government Special Operations experience. After a distinguished military career he worked for the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School in developing, selecting, assessing, training and evaluating Special Forces, Civil Affairs, and Psychological Operations Commissioned and Non-commissioned Officers.      

Leadership Enhancement


Attracting the right candidates with the right potential that fits the culture of your organization.


Creating a process that uses the competencies and values of your organization.


Constructing dilemma based scenarios that accurately shows a candidates behavior.


Emphasizing the same competencies and values that individuals were selected into the organization for.


Enhance the capabilities of your people to grow their capabilities thereby creating employee loyalty.


Insuring that performers from within your organization recognize their part in it's continued success. 

AKB Solutions Group

Our people have experience and backgrounds from the following organizations:

US Army Special Forces

US Army Civil Affairs

US Army Psychological Operations

US Army Special Mission Units

US Marine Corps Special Operations Command

US Navy Seals

US Air Force Special Tactics Teams

Joint Special Operations Command

Doctorates of Education

Doctorates of Industrial Organizational Psychology

Cultural Anthropologists

Human Terrain Teams

Cultural Support Teams

Female Engagement Teams

Provincial Reconstruction Teams United Nations Peace Keeping

Non-Governmental Organizations International Aid Organizations  

Educational services provided to members of these organizations:

Canadian Army

German Army

French Army

Jordanian Army

Egyptian Army

Turkish Army

Czech Republic Armed Forces

Pakistan Army

Brazilian Army

Royal Australian Regiment

Royal Nepalese Army

US Agency for International Development

Austin Board of Realtors

County of Northampton Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Department

Cisco Systems


RingPower Corporation

Mason & Hanger Corporation

United States Department of Justice Federal Prison Industries, Inc.

Cummins PowerCare Business

United Nations Office of Human Resources Management

Defense Threat Reduction Agency


and other Fortune 500 companies


AKB Solutions Group delivers custom designed Executive Professional Development

  • Individual and team assessment, evaluation, and leadership training.
  • Adaptable Leadership enhancement for individuals and teams.
  • Negotiation and collaboration training for a complex and ambiguous environment.
  • Cultural awareness of self and self systems as a prerequisite to understanding how to influence and persuade others utilizing their cultural systems.
  • Feedback systems and processes which focus on individually designed measurement.
  • Training development programs.
  • Performance based practical exercises in variable environments with cultural role players.
  • Observed behaviors via technology coupled with individual and team feedback.
  • Performance and peer evaluation.

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